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Joanne Reitz

Kaufman, Texas

(214) 629-3647



Nancy Demartin

Houston, Texas

(713) 569-6887



Members of :


NNDDA - National Narcotic Detector Dog Association


ABMA - Animal Behavior Management Alliance


GHSD - Greater Houston Search Dogs


NASAR - National Association of Search & Rescue 


IPWDA - International Police Work Dog Association


Texas DPS Liscense C17555



Dogs with a Mission USA - Laurelhaus German Shepherds



Puppy Guarantee and Contract




Whereas, Laurelhaus German Shepherds, herein referred to as the Seller, agrees to sell and otherwise convey unto



_________________________, herein referred to as the Buyer, the following described German Shepherd Dog:


Name: _________________________________________________________________________________



Tattoo Number: __________ Sex: _____ Date of Birth: __________ Breeder:  Nancy Demartin & Joanne Reitz


Sire: __________________________________________________________________________________


Dam: __________________________________________________________________________________


The dog _________________________________________________ is being purchased for the purpose of



______________________________________________________ for the consideration of $ __________,



with a deposit to hold puppy of $_______________.


This contract is valid from the date of purchase of the dog, for a period of time not to exceed 24 months from the date of birth of the dog. The Seller agrees to warrant the following:

  1. The dog is purebred and registerable with the American Kennel Club (AKC) .

  2. Seller agrees the dog will be examined within 72 hours of purchase by a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM). If a pre-existing malady is discovered at that time, Seller will pay any and all costs of treatment of said malady, provided that the treatment is performed by a DVM of Seller's choosing or approval prior to the start of treatment. Further, if in the Seller's sole discretion, the Seller feels euthanasia is appropriate, the Seller may request same instead of treatment. If Buyer agrees to the destruction of the dog, Seller will replace the dog with one of equal value. However, if Buyer does not agree to the destruction of the dog, any and all of the warranties in this contract will be considered null and void, including all obligations for costs of treatment. Pre-existing maladies, for the purpose of this contract are defined as those conditions existing in the dog at the time of the sale. This definition does not include follow-up wormings, or treatment for intestinal upsets due to transportation and/or relocation of the dog.

  3. The dog will have Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) certified normal hips at 24 months of age and OFA certified elbows at 24 months of age. Normal hips are those rated by OFA as Excellent, Good or Fair. Seller may request a copy of all x-ray films taken of the dog, prior to replacement of the dog before it is 24 months of age. Seller will request retaking of x-ray films that OFA deems questionable due to x-ray film quality or positioning of the dog. Second opinions and retakes requested by the Seller will be paid for by the Buyer.

  4. The dog will be suitable for the purpose for which it was originally purchased. Buyer agrees to notify Seller prior to dog turning 24 months of age if dog is deemed unsuitable for original purpose of purchase.

If any one of these warranties is breached, and the dog is returned to the Seller at the Buyer's expense, Seller will replace the dog with one of equal or greater value. Availability and choice of replacement dog will be determined by Seller. The replacement dog will only be warrantied for items 1 and 2 listed above, and carries no other warranties. All returned dogs must be in good condition, free of heartworm and brucellosis (as determined by Seller's choice of DVM) and must not have been bred at any time prior to replacement.

All warranties herein described will be considered null and void in the event that the Buyer:

  1. fails to maintain the dog in a clean, healthy, safe environment at all times;

  2. fails to follow a DVM's schedule of immunization and parasite control, including heartworm testing and prevention;

  3. refuses to feed the dog in the recommended manner;

  4. fails to care for and/or train the dog in a humane manner;

  5. breeds a male dog prior to 24 months of age, or a female dog prior to 20 months of age;

  6. sells, gives away, or in any other manner transfers ownership of the dog in whole or in part to any other person or persons (Only applies to warranty items 2, 3, 4 and 5.);

  7. registers, shows or advertises the dog under any name other than ________ von Laurelhaus.

AGREED UPON THIS DATE OF _________________________________________________________


Signature Buyer __________________________________ Signature Seller __________________________________


Buyer Address ____________________________________________________________________________________



Buyer Phone _____________________________________




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